Videos of Tattoo 1967

The videos below are from the National Film Board filming of the performance of Tattoo 1967 at Fort George, Niagra on the Lake, Ontario captured mostly during a dress rehearsal with a night performance of the Modern Band Scene and the gymnastic display.

The CBC film indoor sequance was filmed in Edmonton, Alberta while the outdoor scenes are from the stadium show at Empire Stadium, Vancouver, BC

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Exerpts from the NFB Film

English documents
  • Scene 2 - French 1665
  • Scene 3 - Circle Dance Scene, 1782
  • Scene 4 - HM Dockyard 1813
  • Scene 10 - Reconnaissance
  • Scene 11 - Massed Bands at Fort George, ON
  • Scene 12 - Gymnastic Display
  • Some of these files are quite large and may take a minute of so to load, be patient.

    Tattoo67 History

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    Tattoo 1967 History draft copy

    My book on the history of Tattoo 1967 should be published this Fall, stay tuned.

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    I hope you enjoy reading all about the Tattoo that was a hit during Canada's centennial year in 1967.

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  • Scene 2 - A French Garrison: 1665
  • Scene 3 - A British Garrison: 1782
  • Scene 5 - A Drummer Boy's Dream or Half a Cake
  • Scene 8 - The Legacy of Freedom
  • Bands of Tattoo 1967
  • These videos are courtesy of the CBC and/or National Film Board of Canada

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