50 Newspaper Archive Clips from 1965 - 1967
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Some of these newspaper clips are on the large size but that's the ony way I could make them readable on the web.
If I had made them smaller, the text would be too blurry to read so because they're large, they may take a bit to load.

The above are some of the newspaper clips from my scrapbook
I kept while on the red train and the stadium shows in 1967.
I've found more newspaper clippings from archives on the web some of which I've included here.
Unfortunately, I don't have any clippings from the fall tour and since I was on the red train,
I have limited clippings from the blue train shows and would therefore
appreciate receiving clippings from both the blue train and fall tour if you have any.
I hope these bring back some great memories for you.

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