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Tattoo '67 Tour Maps

Below are two maps of Canada showing the cities in which Tattoo '67 was performed.

The Arena Show - Red and Blue Train Cities (updated September 9, 2015)

February 15 to May 15, 1967

The light blue indicator marks Picton, Ontario where the performers rehearsed before "hitting the rails".

The red and blue lines connect the cities in the order of shows performed.

The light green indicator is Victoria, BC where the Red and Blue train shows merged to start rehearsals for the stadium show
version of the Tattoo.

You can zoom into any area you are interested in by using the + or - key and move the map in any direction by using the left mouse

View Tattoo '67 Red and Blue Train Tour in a larger map

The Stadium Show and Fall Tour of Tattoo '67 (updated September 2, 2019)

May 17 to September 23, 1967

The start of the stadium shows commenced at Victoria, BC and followed to Vancouver, BC.

If you follow the connecting lines, you can see the progress of the Tattoo across Canada during the Centennial year of 1967

The green markers indicate the cities in which the stadium shows were seen while the yellow markers show the smaller fall tour cities.

The red and blue markers are for the summer non stadium shows.

You can move the map in any direction by pushing and holding the left mouse button.

You can also zoom into any area you are interested in by using the + or - key.

For instance, you can zoom into the actual spot where the Automotive Stadium
was at Expo 67 in Montreal which is now a parking lot.

View Tattoo '67 Stadium Shows and Fall Tour in a larger map

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