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July 18, 2014
The Harper government formally signed a deal to amend its contract with the U.S. maker of the long-delayed CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopters.>>

August 15, 2014
Canada will purchase infrared countermeasures (LAIRCM) systems for the Aurora aircraft.>>

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memories / mémoires

and documents to stir your memory

More than three hundred years of Canada's Armed Forces history was portrayed by the Canadian Armed Forces Tattoo.
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Lots to look at

pictures, music, videos, etc.

All three branches of the services participated and many of these sailors, soldiers and airforce personnel served in more than one scene.
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reunions / réunions

2017 grand reunion of Tattoo 1967

Plans are being prepared for the 50th reunion of Tattoo 1967. Make your plans to attend. This is a once in a life time event. See further info below.
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Listen to the opening fanfares for Tattoo 1967. Adjust the volume to your liking.
Woman's Service Group
Women that took part in Tattoo 1967
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Unarmed Combat Team for Tattoo 1967    
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If you participated in Tattoo 1967, please sign my guest book or send me an email.

Tattoo 1967 Survey and T-Shirt Order Information

As 2017 approaches, the 50th anniversary of Tattoo 1967, plans are being made for a national reunion of the members of that wondrous occasion when we were all young and service men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces. Many members have been talking about getting together to celebrate this milestone. A T-Shirt has been designed by a professional graphic artist, Jason Rees for us to proudly wear on that occasion or any time for that matter.

The form below was developed not only for you to order your T-Shirt but to allow members known or yet unknown to register with us so we may contact them later about news of the 2017 reunion. Frankly we need your help, there were 1700 members on the Tattoo and we only know of less than 150. Your help in finding more members is requested, no required. With your help in contacting anyone you know was in the Tattoo and getting them to register here on this form is greatly appreciated. Let's get going on this right now and thank you for taking the time to fill out the form and submitting your contact information. Deadline for T-Shirt orders, December 15, 2014.

SURVEY FORM and then read more about the Tattoo here>

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