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Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members (Regulars and Reserves) and their families including Veterans and their families

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                   Canadian Armed Forces Tattoo 1967

    memories / mémoires

and documents to stir your memory

More than three hundred years of Canada's Armed Forces history was portrayed by the Canadian Armed Forces Tattoo.
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        Lots to look at

pictures, music, videos, etc.

All three branches of the services participated and many of these sailors, soldiers and airforce personnel served in more than one scene.
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      reunions / réunions

2017 grand reunion of Tattoo 1967

Plans are being prepared for the 50th reunion of Tattoo 1967. Make your plans to attend. This is a once in a life time event. See further info below.
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Woman's Service Group
Women that took part in Tattoo 1967
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Unarmed Combat Team for Tattoo 1967    
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Tattoo 1967 Needs Your Help!

If you were on Tattoo 1967, please fill out the Survey Form below with your contact information so we can let you know about a possible 50th reunion in 2017 for Tattoo 1967. Locating Tattoo '67 members is very difficult and you can help! Let your Tattoo '67 friends know about this as well.

You can also order a Tattoo 1967 T-Shirt like the one below on the survey form directly from the supplier. The supplier's contact information is provided on the form.

Tattoo 1967 SURVEY and T-Shirt order form. (click on the t-shirt to see a bigger picture)

Tattoo 1967 Men's T-Shirt

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