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July 18, 2014

The Harper government formally signed a deal to amend its contract with the U.S. maker of the long-delayed CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopters. >>

July 19, 2014

F-35 or F-18 Super Hornet? >>

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More than three hundred years of Canada's Armed Forces history was portrayed by the Canadian Armed Forces Tattoo.
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All three branches of the services participated and many of these sailors, soldiers and airforce personnel served in more than one scene.

reunions / réunions

ottawa, aug 21-24, 2014 woman's group

Excitment is growing as the woman of the Tattoo prepare to meet again in Ottawa. This year will be the largest gathering of the woman since 1967.
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Listen to the opening fanfares for Tattoo 1967. Adjust the volume to your liking.
Woman's Service Group
Woman that took part in Tattoo 1967
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Unarmed Combat Team for Tattoo 1967    
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If you participated in Tattoo 1967, please sign my guest book or send me an email.

Tattoo 1967 was an outstanding success!

Tattoo 1967 was a military display that toured Canada from coast to coast as the Armed Forces contribution to Canada's Centennial Year in 1967. The Tattoo comprised 1700 performers from the three branches of the military and produced 140 shows across this country. The "show" was so well received there were calls to have it tour the US and Europe but the Prime Minister at the time vetoed the request and the Tattoo once it had finished its last performance, was mothballed and unfortunately, the "show" that thrilled and amazed thousands of Canadians all those years ago was relegated to memories. This web page rekindles those memories from 1967.

Thanks to the CBC and NFB for filming the Tattoo we have motion pictures to relive that wonderful show once again. read more>

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